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comix2 by Zolturates comix2 :iconzolturates:Zolturates 609 27 Kevedd mini comic thingy~ by Fluhfy-Luhflur Kevedd mini comic thingy~ :iconfluhfy-luhflur:Fluhfy-Luhflur 1,355 77 KevEdd_Just say something! by aulauly7 KevEdd_Just say something! :iconaulauly7:aulauly7 806 40 The extra practices after PE class by chiro4525 The extra practices after PE class :iconchiro4525:chiro4525 630 28 More Kevedd fanbooks and PATREON? by C2ndy2c1d More Kevedd fanbooks and PATREON? :iconc2ndy2c1d:C2ndy2c1d 2,041 102 Hetalia: Summer at the Beach by lavenly Hetalia: Summer at the Beach :iconlavenly:lavenly 1,594 519 Hetalia: Obligatory Halloween Comic by mayanna Hetalia: Obligatory Halloween Comic :iconmayanna:mayanna 1,617 851 Let me carry you :: For Ask-Pony-PruAus by Ask-Pony-GerIta Let me carry you :: For Ask-Pony-PruAus :iconask-pony-gerita:Ask-Pony-GerIta 101 15 Present For MorgiSchmorgi ~ Froehliche Weihnachten by Ask-Pony-GerIta Present For MorgiSchmorgi ~ Froehliche Weihnachten :iconask-pony-gerita:Ask-Pony-GerIta 57 10
Just the Way You Are (BTT x Bullied!Reader)
*Slight strong language warning!*
It was just another day at school for you, starting the way it always did.
With you shoved up against a locker door.
"Hey there, bitch. Not so high and mighty without your friends, are you?" A girl sneered in your face. You just stared back, barely even blinking. This was not new, so why react to it?
"Oh, so the whore thinks she's too high and mighty to talk to us," She snorted, and someone behind her piped up, "She's such a slut! I bet she's screwing all of them! That's the only reason they would ever hang out with such a useless girl like her!" The bullies laughed.
"She also looks like a complete bimbo! I mean, just look at her cloths!" Another girl laughed. There was nothing wrong with your clothing style, it was just that you didn't like the 'high-fashion' and skimpy clothing that was worn now days. What was so wrong with sweaters?
"You know what? Why don't we teach her a lesson, girls?" Their leader sneered, and drew back her fist. Only the
:iconkatiefrog217:Katiefrog217 690 215
Hetalia x Bullied!Insecure!Depressed!Reader
Hetalia x Bullied!Insecure!Depressed!Reader
The Silly Dance Video
You sigh as you close your locker. It's time to go to Algebra; your least favorite part of the day. Not that you had any problems with Algebra; you don't mind having to take it in the least bit. It's just that you constantly get bullied in that class. The other students send you horrible notes, and then you get in trouble for passing notes in class. You go to the room and sit down. You do your warm-up then lay your head on your desk, praying that the other students will be merciful today and ignore you. No such luck. You receive a note from the girl next to you; 'Fat slut' it says. The hateful notes continue; 'Stupid b***h' 'Just go ahead and kill yourself; nobody gives a s**t' 'Can't you do anything right?' 'After class I'll crush you. That is a promise.'
When class is finally over you run to the girl's bathroom, hide in one of the stalls, and cry your eyes out. Once you're finished letting the tears out you go up to th
:iconbeatlemaniac01:Beatlemaniac01 578 469
Hetalia x Suicidal!Reader - Better Tomorrow
Warning: Mild swearing & major cheesiness...
"Hello there."
You stared at your computer screen for awhile. Majority of the messages that you received were usually insults or threats from the bullies that went to your school or lived in your neighborhood. You moved to click 'delete message,' but found yourself hesitating over the button.
Your curiosity got the better of you and you clicked to read the message instead. After all, you had nothing to lose. The scars on your body proved that.
Upon opening the message, you prepared yourself for the worst, waiting for the insults to be hurled at you.
"If you're reading this, then that means that you're alive. Don't give up hope and know that you've brightened up our day."
You paused, scanning over the words on your screen. The message was from anonymous. Was this just another joke? It didn't seem like one. You were a nobody and it didn't seem like that was going to change anytime soon.
Brushing it off as spam, you lef
:iconarandomanimelover:aRandomAnimeLover 159 67
Popular!England X Bullied!Reader - Saving
You looked over your shoulder as you walked into the cafeteria, which you so humbly dubbed The War Zone, before heading to the furthest table in the back by the speaker where no one sat. It wasn't that the tables here were bad, actually it was the opposite. Except for the occasional dust, this was most likely the cleanest section in school. The only reason no one sat her was simply, and annoyingly, the speaker was broken. So, when the announcements came on, you would hear incredibly loud and earsplitting static before the announcement, which was usually cut off by the static anyway. However, you could wear ear plugs if it became a bother, so it was much e
:iconawriterofeverything:AWriterOfEverything 48 35
Cliff's Edge (2p!Italy X Suicidal!Reader)
In honour of    :iconDeathTheWriter:
Have you ever teetered on the edge of despair?
When you just want to give in; give up?
Finally allow their hateful words to get to you?
Push you to do the unthinkable?
It hurts, doesn’t it?
Not many think about what their words actually do. Those people who group together, stay together for protection and security. They feel safe in their cliques, at home when they cut others with their harmful tongues. They don’t ever stop and wonder what happens when they say, “Kill yourself.” They never suspect one might actually take those words to heart.
The words they speak, the insults they utter, they all knock you down.
They arm you with the blade.
They load the gun.
They fill the pill bottle.
They tie the noose.
They give you the strength to do exactly what you shouldn’t. They do it. Not you. You might be the one to commit the final act: slash the last cut, take the last dose, trigger the last shot, but you ar
:iconxxsilveretterosexx:xXSilveretteRoseXx 489 428
2P!Italy X Reader: Thank You
2P!Italy X Reader: Thank You
x~x~ Real quick little legend: (s/n) – sister’s name (y/n) – your name, (c/n) – City name, (m/n) – movie name (n/o/t) – name of theatre, (n/o/s) – name of street, (e/c) – eye color, (h/c) – Hair color and (s/c) – skin color. Enjoy~~~~ x~x~
Why must the world be cruel?
Why must the world hate me?
Why not someone else?
These questions kept running through your head as you were walking through (c/n) for what seemed like the umpteenth time. You see, ever since you were younger, you had a very crappy fucking life; your parents hated you with every fiber of their being, your fellow student body bullied you, and even your sister, (s/n), would treat you like you were trash.
But, for the past year, you were actually somewhat happy because of a certain Spaniard, also known as Antonio.
He would always treat you right and make you feel special, and the best part
:iconbrimthepyscho:BrimThePyscho 403 140
Italy X Abused!Bullied!Reader (Seeing Red)
You tugged at your sleeves as you walked the long hall of the school corridors. Your long (h/c) hair was put into a long braid going down your back and tied off with a purple band. Suddenly, a foot stuck out causing you to trip.
"Oops..." The slutty voice of the top bitch of the school, Geniva, came with a smirk (sorry if that's your name or if she looks like u). Her long blonde hair with black tips fanned out down to her waist and her cruel black eyes glinted with mirth. You said nothing and collected your books, walking off to your next class. That was until you were shoved against the locker by the resident bully, Alex (srry again if someone u know is named this or looks this way). His black hair, tipped by neon green came to the end of his ear lobes while his sapphire blue eyes swirled like a vortex of pure evilness. One of his pale hands went to your braid and yanked on it, making you lose your grip on your books to hold your head in pain.
After a few minutes straight of harsh wor
:icongothfoxgirl:Gothfoxgirl 28 60


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