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[Miraculous Ladybug] Nathaniel X Reader Pt 1
It was another day but today was a "special" day, you went to a new school and you already look around at it and it seems fine. So, now you knew where you are going. Thanks to your mom. You heard a music and your mom calling your name.
You groaned and sit on your bed for awhile before walking to your bathroom and stop your alarm clock.(Which is your phone) You take a quick shower and wear your normal school clothes. You went down stairs with your school bag.
"Morning, mom and dad." You greet and put your bag beside the chair. You sat on the chair and start eating silently. It's normal to just sit there silently. Your parents didn't get along well but they knew they couldn't just divorce without thinking about their daughter.
Besides, even if your father has the divorce paper right now, your mother wouldn't even sign it. She's that type of person. She only married once and if the marriage was good for a couple of years she wouldn't divorce.
You just thought that your father st
:iconkaorihamano:KaoriHamano 7 0
Nekotalia x Pregnant!Neko!Reader (Intro)
Sorry for not updating much! ^^'' Enjoy! WARNING: THERE IS A BIT OF SWEARING
(F/c)= Fur color
(E/c)= Eye color
Running. That's what you've been doing ever since you've became a stray. You don't even know why your previous owners bought you. You constantly move from one area to another, not wanting to make yourself comfortable in the alleyways you call 'home,' especially when you're vulnerable. You know this by the cause of your pregnancy.
(Flashback bought to you by Iggy's magical stories of fairies and unicorns England (Fantasy) [V3] )
You live in an alley, behind a restaurant when you were kicked out from your so called home. Everyday, a kind male human with a strange curl on the left
:iconkittyaya:kittyaya 25 14
Cat Allies x Kitten reader Part 1
Cat Allies x kitten reader
[Name] - Your name [E/C] - Eye colour *...* - thoughts [F/C]
lets have some fun!!
ok so basically I got bored and started this
[3rd person pov]
a small kitten no more than 3 weeks old watched as a group of people took her mother and siblings away,they tried to grab her to but she ran away,her short [F/C] fur blowing in the wind her [E/C] glazed over with tears she ran away.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~3 weeks later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
[Your pov]
running through the streets of London,I avoided the two legged monsters again and I was starving,looking behind me I fail to notice the group of two legged monsters in front of me,making a nice thud into a blonde haired on.
"Bloody hell watch were-" he looks down at me.
"oh my poor thing" he picked me up causing me to meow in surprise.
"DUDE! that kitten is soooo cute! Amerikit will love to meet this baby!" another blonde shouted holding me in his ar
:iconnaninuggets:NaniNuggets 291 710
  Squeezing through a small crack in the wooden fence, you limped onto another's backyard. The grass was cool and damp underneath your paws with the morning's dew and the sun had yet to raise completely over the forestry.
  Glancing around the person's backyard, you hoped to find no signs of dogs or abusive persons living in this house. As you continued your short trek, you found yourself climbing up wooden stairs on a deck, laying down as the fresh rays of the sun hitting your mangy (h/c) fur.
  Hopefully, you had found a good spot to not be seen, just somewhere where you could lay down and sleep in the hopes of keeping safe. Usually the bigger animals couldn't get to the backs of person's homes.
  Only now did your stomach knot in unbearable hunger and your body simply welcoming the sleep you so desperately needed. You hadn't gotten sleep for a couple of days, worried about bigger animals killing you.
  The back door of the person's home opened up, fear clenc
:iconmikmik121:mikmik121 595 122
Italy X Reader CH.7 Finale
Chapter 7 - Cinderella (Finale)
"Hey, boy. Stay here, alright?" You heard a bark and you assumed he was agreeing with you. You ran to your desk and pulled out some parchment. You couldn't find a pencil or a pen (but who would in this era?), but you did find a quill and a bottle of ink. You weren't used to writing this way, but you quickly got the hang of it. It was a quick SOS note, but you folded it up and slid it under the door.
You heard a couple barks, before the padding of feet. You looked under the door and saw the pup and the note gone. Now all you could do was pray that he would get it to someone who could help you. You stood up and a light hit your eyes. You looked over and saw the heel of your glass slipper shimmer from underneath the apron that covered it.
With a bit of hesitation, you picked up the slipper and placed it in the pocket of the apron you were wearing. You could hardly see the bump and you were for sure going to be careful about it.
You waited, hoping the pup wo
:iconthecorruptedpaladin:TheCorruptedPaladin 107 17
Wedding for 3 [Italy X Reader X Romano]
Continuation of "Sunset Surprise"
It had been two days since Hetalia Academy's graduation ceremony and the night that Italy and Romano had proposed to you. Italy and Romano came with you to your home country for the marriage ceremony since no church in Italy was willing to hold a wedding for the three of you because it was against their values and beliefs. When you and your Italian fiances walked out of the airport doors, the fresh island breeze carrying the scent of coconuts and hibiscus flowers hit your face. Ah, it was good to be back home again on the tiny island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Despite your country size, you were the most powerful country in the world. Your people, technology, government, and economy were all more advanced than any other country on earth.
"Wow (country name), it's gorgeous here!" Italy said in amazement as he and Romano stared in awe at the beautiful tropical scenery surrounding the city.
"Thanks. I've always wanted to show you guys the beauty
:iconxxjustforfanficsxx:xXJustForFanFicsXx 10 10
America x Magical Girl! Reader - Hero Girlfriend 2
My Girlfriend the Hero
America x Magical Girl! Reader
Mini-Series ⅖
A Memory of How Things Came To Be
By the time I had come to I was laying on (Name)’s bed, a cool cloth on my forehead and buried under her warm and fuzzy bed sheets. If I hadn’t been dropped the biggest chunk of information that I had ever gotten in my 19 years of life, I would have fallen asleep again and enjoyed my own laziness. However, I had so many questions to ask and wanted to start as soon as possible!
Attempting to get up and talk to her, I was pushed down softly by her familiar touch and she stuck a thermometer in my mouth to take my temperature. Glancing behind her, I could see that she had pulled out all the ‘college medical supplies’. Which in all honesty was just some cough medicine and a couple anti-pain meds from over the counter. Yeah… college was really NOT a time to get sick.
“Are you feeling okay?” She asked me suddenly and I turned my blue eyes back t
:iconthecomicgal:TheComicGal 8 4
America x Magical Girl! Reader - Hero Girlfriend 1
My Girlfriend the Hero
America x Magical Girl! Reader
Mini-Series ⅕
A Revelation About My Idol & About My Best Girl.
My girlfriend has to be one of the strangest people anyone, and I mean ANYONE, could and would ever meet. I mean, don’t get me wrong, she’s a total babe and a kickass chick, but she has some strange habits.
We’ve been dating for around 3 years now. Started dating when we were 16 and idiots in high school. She was in my english class and I only remember her reading the text aloud during class more than I remember the words of Henry this’s and David That’s. By the time prom rolled around, I got up the guts to ask her out, and she said yes!
We’ve been dating since then and it’s been quite the wild ride. We both attend the same college: me barely managing to get in, and her settling after not doing so well in the schools she wanted to get into.
However, she’s SUPER smart, but on of her weird habits is that she does poorly
:iconthecomicgal:TheComicGal 16 4
HetaliaXCountry!Reader - Betrayal and Regret
"Hurry! We need more grenades and canisters!" The soldier shouted out when there was a big boom vibrates on the ground as the soldiers ducked.
"Where's (C/N)?! Her radio should be on, right?" He picked it up to call you but he spotted someone who is walking slowly towards where the attack hits.
"(C/N), what are you doing?! That's suicide!" The soldier shouted out at you but you didn't listen and you continued to walking to inside the battlefield with no armor garments or weapons on you.
"(C/N)!" He shouted again when his radio is static.
"We have orders from (C/N)! Fall back! I repeat: Fall back!"
"What?! She finally spoke for last 4 weeks for giving us that reckless request?!"
"Now! That's an order! Retreat!" He ordered as all the soldiers put their weapons down and slowly back away, watching you to lead to your death of fallen country.
(1 month ago...)
It has been over 150 years since you became the bestest friends of Axis and Allies, or like a family member that you've always wanted
:iconpinkypromise20:pinkypromise20 64 13
Gravitytales by thegreatrouge Gravitytales :iconthegreatrouge:thegreatrouge 960 54 Mistletoe Kiss by SarahAmsalem Mistletoe Kiss :iconsarahamsalem:SarahAmsalem 41 20
Mature content
If three's a crowd... what's four? BTT x Reader :iconemiko-tan1329:Emiko-Tan1329 85 34
Deep Blue Sea (Mermaid!America x Bullied!Reader)
         I looked at the dark blue sea. I held onto the cruise ship, sad and out of place. The winds blew my hair. Dinner had just ended and I went to go to the teen hangout. I didn’t expect to be completely outcast. I hate this cruise. My parents are irritating, I have no internet to talk to some of my real friends, and everyone here is a complete snob.  I noticed a head pop out and looked at me. He smiled waving a bit. Oh my god a guy went overboard!? I run down screaming.
                “A man went overboard! Help Please!” I yelled out. The crew quickly got the ship to stop and looked around down at the sea. I point to the place I saw him and attendees went down there and swam around to nothing. The crew mates sighed glaring at me a bit.
:iconrockgirl1758:Rockgirl1758 18 8
Romano x Male!Reader
Romano x Male Reader  
(A/N: ~PLEASE READ~ Okay, so this one-shot is based on how many gay people are bullied and whatnot. It breaks my heart to see so many gay men and women get hurt by the homophobes.  I am not a homophobic, I respect them. I even have a few gay guy friends, and lesbian friends! So I made this to show how reader sticks up for himself! Okay now, please enjoy zhe story!~ Oh, and this contains Yaoi. DON’T LIKE, DON’T FrUKING READ!!!!!)
You cringed at the noise of homophobic douche bags yelling at you. You were getting out of the empty subway station, but it turns out THEY were there. You needed to get out of there quick. Or else they’ll go farther than a punch.
“HEY! I’m talking to you dick sucker!”
“Yeah, you’re talking to me. But do I have to listen to you? No.” You told him in a pissed off voice.
“Oh! Look at that boys! Dick sucker’s got some sass! Ohhhhhhh!”
:iconnekonyah-sensei:NekoNyah-sensei 229 97
You're Worth It [F.A.C.E. X Teen!Reader]
   WARNING:  There is swearing in here and a mention of violence. There are a few things in here that could trigger some things, please don't read if that is the case.
   "She's so weird." "Do you think she'll kill herself soon?" "Her family is crazy." "They're insane." "She's worthless." "Her parents are gay." "She's ugly."
   "The sooner she's gone, the better."
   These voices. Those words. Their tone.
   It all hurt. Their words stabbed you in your heart, twisting the blade to hurt you more. Everyday it was like this. Someone would tell you to die, others would push you around, and the remaining few just encouraged them. No one gave sympathy. No one showed mercy. And no one acknowledged your pain.
   Where does this all lead? It lead's to where you are now, sitting in your room trying to do homework. But to get anything
:iconfandomskipper:FandomSkipper 93 8
Broken Heart [Italy x Sister!Reader x Romano]
   WARNING: There will be swearing, Romano is in this story. There is also an implied mention of sex. You learn about it in school, so implying that it happened isn't worth mature content.
   Your military uniform is female Romano's uniform.
'When you're dreaming with a broken heart
The waking up is the hardest part'
   "Sorella, get your ass out of bed!" Romano yells from the hallway, pounding on your door. "We have a meeting today, hurry up!"
   You groan, sitting up from your mess of pillows and blankets. Last night was the worst night of your life. Your boyfriend, Madrid, had sent you a text last night.
   What's so bad about that?
   It wasn't for you...
'You roll outta bed and down on your knees
And for a moment you can hardly breathe'
   You sit up and look around the room for your phone, trying to find where you threw it. You spot it in the center of your room, your stuff
:iconfandomskipper:FandomSkipper 144 11


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