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Cooking With Your Pal Mugman by thegreatrouge Cooking With Your Pal Mugman :iconthegreatrouge:thegreatrouge 980 71 Unlike Sonic he don't chuckle_He rather kno de wae by thegreatrouge Unlike Sonic he don't chuckle_He rather kno de wae :iconthegreatrouge:thegreatrouge 916 103 Hetalia: Still on that FACE Family kick by LuciferianRising Hetalia: Still on that FACE Family kick :iconluciferianrising:LuciferianRising 44 8 Singing Buddies by MevrouwRoze Singing Buddies :iconmevrouwroze:MevrouwRoze 26 2 Vampssss by bl00dbite Vampssss :iconbl00dbite:bl00dbite 6 4 Erasermic Secret Santa by LucidDreamPop Erasermic Secret Santa :iconluciddreampop:LucidDreamPop 2 0 A hero's thanks by DatWeirdoWhoLuvsMilk A hero's thanks :icondatweirdowholuvsmilk:DatWeirdoWhoLuvsMilk 294 14
Haunter 01 [Strawhat Pirates x Pokemon!Reader]
Because of it's ability to slip through block walls, it's said to be from another dimension.
You have no memory of how you ended up where you currently were. You only knew you were frustrated and mad. On top of that, you have been shifting between being full-out pokémon to this weird hybrid; half pokémon, half human. You had no idea how this happened, but you knew whom to blame.
Humans and feeling can't be trusted, after all.
For weeks now, you have been staying at a castle on what you assumed was an island. You haven't been exploring outside much, since you preferred the shelter and darkness from the old and abandoned building. It was annoying really, seeing as just a while ago you were able to take out your anger on trespassers at Pokémon Tower, but now you were stuck at some unknown place.
Worst of all, this island seemed dead, which mean there were no preys for you to haunt.
However, this loneliness gave you the chance to figure out what the flying fuck was ha
:iconnixdex:nixdex 88 36
Print - BUGS by Genolover Print - BUGS :icongenolover:Genolover 23 3 30/30 Bento by Malacandrax 30/30 Bento :iconmalacandrax:Malacandrax 22 0 25/30 Shopping by Malacandrax 25/30 Shopping :iconmalacandrax:Malacandrax 48 0
Reader x Teen Titans - Prologue
Reader x Teen Titans
- Prologue/ Information
Clothes - Black Skinny Jeans, f/c DrMartens, f/c vest top, black short sleeved hoodie, black fingerless gloves ( like Ash Ketchum's gloves but not green)
Walking through the shadow dwelling streets was normal for me, I'm not scared of the dark, nor am I scared of what may be lurking there. Without being in control of it, I've always been quite an intimidating character to those around me, people tend to stay away from me. And that's just how I like it. Perhaps it’s my ___e/c___ eyes, they are sharp, and they do start to glow slightly when I'm angry, that's unusual I guess. My family used to ask me, 'Aren't you lonely _______?', and I'd always reply with a shake of the head, indicating a no. And that was the truth, I never got lonely, in fact, I preferred solitude, I've been alone most of my life, even when my family were around I felt as if I was alone. Being uncomfortable in large crowds was normal too, right? Well I certainly can't s
:iconlayarlia:Layarlia 346 51
Erasermic Chill by LucidDreamPop Erasermic Chill :iconluciddreampop:LucidDreamPop 8 1 Is This Seat Taken by BlitheFool Is This Seat Taken :iconblithefool:BlitheFool 15 0
Pokmon SM Ultra UB AU Plot
Not too long ago, the Island of Alola was a peaceful land. There were many trainers, but this story is about nine trainers in particular: Lillie, Lusamine, Kukui, Guzma, Mallow, Wickie, Hau, Acerola, Nanu, and Mina.
If you know about Alola, then you know about the Aether Foundation, a haven for Pokémon. It’s president, Lusamine, was a good president. A tad bit crazy, but still nice. There was also Wickie, who researched on certain Pokémon, but there was also Faba.
Faba did the same things as Lusamine and Wickie, but he was super obsessed with the idea of a human-Pokémon hybrid. It was his dream to create one, so for months he worked on creating a serum that could do just that.
After months of hard work, he finally created the perfect formula. Faba put posters all over Alola asking for nine “volunteers” for his experiment.
The nine trainers came to the Aether labs to try out the experiment one-by-one.
The testing was not so pleasant. When a volunteer wou
:iconfangirlingartistgal:FangirlingArtistGal 4 1
France x Infant!Reader: Getting to Know You
“Oh, ma bebe,” France grinned, tickling her tiny tummy until the baby/toddler giggled. She was turning two in seven months, and he couldn’t wait to celebrate it with her. Every day was a new surprise, a new experience, getting to know (Y/n). Today, he discovered she was ticklish.
Two and a half months after official, legal adoption, and he was already in love with the baby. He had been the moment she cried out in the orphanage, and he was drawn to the heartbreaking wails. France had originally gone to adopt an older child, but found nobody that really spoke to him. Most of the children between the age limits he wanted to see were brats to one another, which he wasn’t willing to put up with. Bless their little hearts, he couldn’t deal with someone so immature. He wanted someone who could become a good friend, a son or daughter who could call him “Papa”—someone he could trust enough to keep the secret that he was a country. He had ju
:iconsideshow-cellophane:Sideshow-Cellophane 176 100



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